Wednesday, July 9, 2014

6 Year Check Up

Makenna: Little Miss Attitude! Makenna is still the same sweet girl she has been from the beginning... well, the one we saw on occasion before we figured out what was wrong with her. When she is not struggling with her sugar intolerance for Fructose Malbsorption she makes us wish they were all like her!

- Very sweet when she wants to be.
- Hates to give kisses or hugs unless she gets something out of it but if I am having a bad day, sad or just stressed, she wants to hug me and even kiss me.
- Always willing to help out when needed (if she isn't in a mood).
- She loves compliments and to be "noticed". If her nails are painted or wearing a pretty shirt, she wants everyone to say something to her.
- A few weeks before her birthday, she learned to ride her bike without training wheels and talked about I for days. She wanted to show everyone and anyone who would watch.
- She does very well academically in school. Very smart but does struggle socially. Most of her "friends" are her sisters friends. Hoping this next  year she will find a friend or two that she can connect with.
- She loves to swim and does very well at it. She is always begging me to get in the pool with her so she doesn't have to wear her swim arm floats.
- She can have such an attitude if she doesn't get her way. It's her way or no way. She is always right and wont stop trying to convince you until you give up.
- She is all about being fair. It's been a struggle trying to explain to her that life isn't fair all the time and we just have to deal with it.
- She likes competition but hates to lose. She is always trying to compare herself as being better than everyone.

Makenna is very smart, sometimes too smart. I see her trying hard as she gets older to get what she wants and becoming anything she puts her heart to.

Jaeli: Sassy Girl! Jaeli would have to be my best behaved child other than her sassy personality at times. She likes to know I am pleased with her and loves to make me feel loved! She has been struggling with sleep. She snores very loud and goes between 5-8 seconds without breathing. She is very restless and always tired. So we are going to do a sleep study and if that shows issues, then we will see a ENT doctor. She has always been a mouth breather and rarely breaths out of her nose, especially when sleeping.

- She loves to give hugs and kisses.
- She is still very much a Grandma's girl. She has always had a connection with Grandma B for some reason and still to this day, has that connection.
- Jaeli is very independent. I will catch her many times playing by herself and very happy to do it.
- She is the laziest of them all. She would rather just sit down, watch some tv or play her tablet and do NOTHING!
- She loves to sing, although she is not very good and just makes up words to whatever song she is singing. Maybe with a little practice and teaching she will become better!
- She loves to sleep in bed with Mommy, although we are currently trying to break her of it... it's been a struggle.
- Swimming seems to be a joy of hers. She has really taken off and does well with it.
- She does well in school. She is average academically and has taken off socially. This last year in Kindergarten, she had 3 very close friends. They were very close and all three even showed up to her birthday party. Her closest friend Ella and her are very tight and they call each other best friends. Unfortunately they will be split up next year, but they both plan on playing together at recess and we hope to get them together outside of school too. It's great to see her build such a strong relationship with someone other than her sisters. I thought she would struggle most but she has really come out of her shell.
- Jaeli is always wanting a book read to her, or even pretending that she is reading it. She loves books!

Jaeli is such a sweetheart and has a huge heart. I am looking forward to seeing what she will become and how many people she will touch.

Maysie: Drama, Drama, Drama! Oh Maysie, she has such a unique personality and LOVES drama! Maysie is very shy, but if she is comfortable with you, she will let you in and you can see her huge personality!
- She exaggerates everything! The smallest thing can set her off and she will cry and cry and cry!
- She has a huge heart and loves to cuddle with Mommy.
- She will give me kisses out of the blue, just cause she wants to.
- Maysie struggled with speech a little at the beginning of school but by the end she was doing great.
- During Kindergarten, she struggled academically and we ended up having my sister Mandy, who is a teacher, tutor her. She did great with her. Maysie really took off after Mandy helped her. I think she just needed that one on one time. She felt much more confident and even started raising her hand and answering questions towards the end of the year. I am hoping she continues this into next year.
- Socially Maysie struggled most of the year. Towards the end, she seemed to make a few friends and even got invited to two birthday parties that she was super excited about. Hoping this also continues into next year. We had a meeting with the school to discuss putting them together or separating them. After the discussion we decided to separate them but they agreed to send them onto first grade with a friend they had made.
- Maysie has taken off in the weight department. She went from being the smallest to the biggest! She loves her food. I am trying to teach her that we don't need to eat so much but it's been a struggle. She wants to eat until she can't eat anymore.
- She too loves to sleep in my bed, but think I broke her of it. Hoping so!
- When she is being punished or in trouble, she will smile. We HATE it and she always gets in more trouble when she does it. It's part of the drama, she tries to be silly at the wrong times and push our buttons.
- When she gets in trouble or is scared, all she wants is some loving. She loves to be cuddled and comforted.

Maysie continues to surprise me and I see her doing great things throughout her life. She may be drama, but her heart is so big. She is very caring which I think causes her to be so sensitive.

Weights and Heights: Maysie has taken off and first time every being more than Makenna!

Makenna: Height - 44 1/4" Weight - 48 lbs (42 1/4" and 44 1/4 lbs)
Jaeli:        Height - 42 5/8" Weight - 44 lbs (40 3/4" and 40 3/4 lbs)
Maysie:    Height - 43 5/8" Weight - 49 lbs (41 1/4" and 41 3/4 lbs)

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