Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jaeli has Sleep Apnea

 Getting all wired up for her sleep study!

 Before surgery
 Right after surgery, in recovery room. She looks miserable but really wasn't that bad!
Two hours later and all drugged up! She was feeling good!

Jaeli had been having trouble sleeping and snoring a lot, as well as she would stop breathing for more than a few seconds at times. So we decided to have a sleep study done and it came back that she has Sleep Apnea. We then decided to agree with the doctor and have her tonsils and adenoids removed. It's been a little rough for her with the pain, but she has loved being out of school for over a week and that she has to miss gym class for 2 weeks! She hates gym! She is back in school now and still complains of ear and throat pain... but it could be because she wants to stay home more. She was so spoiled, but I really enjoyed the time with her. Now we just have to get her back on track and to lose that attitude of hers she has developed! Hopefully this surgery solved the problem... we wont know for a couple more weeks... we will see.

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