Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lake Pictures

Here are some "professional" pics I took of the kids when we went to the lake with our family in July. It was a great time and the kids had a blast. I am sure I will have more pics to post. We enjoyed spending time with my parents, sisters and their families and my aunts! Hopefully my Dad had a great birthday and enjoyed himself as well... he deserves it! (This was a trip for my Dad's birthday!)
 Cousins Dara and Kyla
 All the Grand-girls!
 All the Grandkids!
 Oh so Handsome... oh wait... he hates Handsome! So cute!
 Sill boy!

 Little Miss Model, Jaeli Jo!

 She loves to take pictures, can you tell?
 Very blessed to have all four of these precious kids!
 Family photo!
 Miss Josie, cute as ever!
 The two people who mean the world to me. We would be lost without you. Love you Mom and Dad!
 My dad and his sisters and family.
 They do so well for me when taking pics... well most of the time!
 They are too cute!
Miss Mak loves to have her pic taken too... just wish I could get her to smile better. She thinks its her good smile... but I have seen much better!
 Such a big girl!

 Miss Maysie, cute as ever!
 She loves the camera too!

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