Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates and Weights

Makenna and her lovely hair after bathtime! I think its almost time for haircuts, but they have so little hair I don't think I want to do it quite yet. I think we will let it grow a little more, but man does it look bad on all three of them!
Maysie trying to buckle herself into the bouncer! Once we actually buckled her in, she did not think it was funny anymore once she figured out she could not get out!
Jaeli smiles as always! Such a happy child...that is when she is in a good mood, otherwise, watch out, temper here we come! (Must get that from Mommy!)

Heading up the stairs for naptime at Grandma B's house! We are getting so good, but of course Makenna fell down the other day. Thankfully she was okay and just slid down on her belly!

Not sure how much the girls are weighing at 20 months old but I am thinking Makenna is probably about 27 or 28 lbs and Maysie and Jaeli are probably around 23 and 24lbs. They sure are growing!

As for Jace, at 6 weeks old he is now 10lbs 9oz and 20 1/4".

Makenna has been picking her nose and making it bleed, so we have been going through a lot of clothes and changing sheets often. She has also stained her blanket. Might try to find the same one, I think I know where it was purchased. How do you stop her from doing it when you are not around? Other than that, she is her usual self. She likes to tease and steal toys from her sisters! She is still my hugger and kisser! I love her kisses and hugs! Once she does it to one person, she has to go around the whole room and give everyone else hugs and kisses too... unless she does not know you!

Jaeli is still my sweet lovey child! She loves to cuddle and always has a smile on her face. But man, when you piss her off, she sure knows how to show it. I hate it when her and her sister hit their heads on the floor. But I guess its normal for their age! One of many things I love about her is how scared she gets at times, like lifting her to the ceiling or when she sees an animal with horns or antlers. It is so cute, for some reason she sticks her hand down my shirt when she does get scared, not sure what that is about. She thinks its fun and laughs but then throws herself onto my shoulder and just lays there and pats my back.

Maysie is still my drama queen! She has been attached to me a lot lately, wont even go to her dad. I think she is teeting so she does not feel good. But man she cries so much, its all drama with this child! I do love it when she sits with me and lays on me! She likes to lay in the corner of the couch right next to me for some reason. But she has to have her blanket and paci too, sometimes her baby. She will lay there for 20 min, sometimes more! She is now starting to cry when I leave her to get her sisters up, so she may become my last child to get out of bed! She is always trying to be silly too, when she is in a good mood that is!

Jace is a good baby for the most part! Now that we are mostly on formula, he has been gaining a lot of weight and learning to eat every three hours instead of two! Sometimes he wants more sooner than later, but hopefully we can get into some kind of schedule soon. He sleeps about 5 - 6 hours a night. He usually sleeps pretty well if swaddled! I have not been pooped or pee'd on as much as I was during the first few weeks. He has been pooping better too. Must have been sick or something. The one time I will never forget is when Josh left me all alone my last night at the hospital. I just feed him and had to change his diaper afterwards. All of a sudden he started crying. I looked up and he had pee'd all over himself, right into his mouth. He started gagging and stopped breathing for a few seconds. I had no clue what to do. I rushed to the phone and called the nurse as I was trying to suck the pee out of his mouth. His bed and clothes were all wet. The nurse helped me change him again and change his bedding, then we put him down and he went to sleep. Having a boy has definatly been an experience!

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