Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maysie - Double Ear Infection

Last week Maysie had a fever of 103.8. She had been coughing for awhile and runny nose. Well I took her to the doctor and yep, double ear infection. Poor girl. Did you know a child can get a fever as high as 106 and it not hurt them, they may just see things. I asked my doctor what temp I need to be concerned about. She said a temp is good because it means her body is fighting whatever she is sick with. And if she has a high fever more than 24 hours, to bring her in so they can see what is causing it. But no need to panic! Interesting! She said her son had one of 106 once and he was seeing elephants... well I guess if you are a pediatrician, you would know, right? I sure hope so. That seems very high to not go to the ER. She said we just have to try and break it or keep it down. In the olden days, people thought fevers caused seizures. She said it was not the fever causing them, it was the measles and mumps that caused the seizures. But they had their shots, so wont be getting that. Although you can get mini seizures from having a high fever, but they wont harm you. Just some information I thought I would share!

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