Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weight Updates on Girls

Eating Lunch!
Playing in Jace's crib during our house warming party. They were aloud to go to every room. They of course screamed every time we tried to get them out of a new room they had never been in. Jaeli especially!

Makenna: 28# 2 oz and 33.25 in tall!
Jaeli: 24# 8 oz and 31 1/8 in tall!
Maysie: 22# 15 oz and 31.5 in tall!

She has become quite the shy girl around new people. She just does not like change or new things. She is attached to my hip as soon as she sees someone new. But when its just her and her sisters, its another story! I discovered if you give her too much sugar she is very lovey...but in a mean way. Hard to explain. But it sure is funny! We also discovered she hates elevators, freaks out big time! She love's learning toys, she tries so hard to get it right and so frustrated when she can't do it. And our nose is running like crazy, so think we caught another cold.

This little girl is sure hitting the terrible two's early. Oh man, she can throw a fit. She falls down and starts kicking a way and screaming at the top of her lungs, and it goes on for 10, 20 minutes until she calms down and realizes no one is paying attention to her. Think that is all I can really do is ignore it or she will just keep doing it to get attention. She can be so sweet too. Grandpa bought me a video camera for my birthday (THANKS!) and Miss Jaeli loves it! She likes to sit with me and record her self and then watch it. She just laughs and laughs! My little movie star!

She is still very attached to me, always wants me to hold her no matter what I am doing. It drives me crazy sometimes. I have to make sure she is the last I get out of bed so I can carry her out to the play room instead of her walking with her sisters. She is my very needy girl. She loves to cuddle, she cuddles the most with me out of the three of them. She is still very much drama. You touch her wrong and she starts crying. Her Ear infection seems to be gone and she has not been coughing, so I think she is finally better!

Still sleeping pretty good at night. He is such a happy baby, always has smiles and can usually get him to laugh now. He has finally cut back on feedings, we give him about 6 oz every 3 to 4 hours. We were doing 7 oz. He hates baths in the bathtub, not sure why, he used to like them. I need to get a sink tub. He screamed the other day for about 20 minutes afterword's, he was so upset! He is probably about 17lbs now, he is my big boy! He will outgrow that car seat before he hits 9 months! I am learning his cries still, but I have three of them down. I can usually tell by the cry when he is hungry, tired or in pain! That was impossible with the girls!


Anonymous said...

Have fun trying to get those pacis away from the girls. You will probably have some good dental bills. Im guessing that they do not talk much with those things in their mouthes.

Megan said...

Well... we will manage. The doctor said not to even try to get rid of them until after age 2 because they need them for security and they wont effect their teeth until after age 3. So we have plenty of time. They talk just fine for 2 year olds. If they are not talking by age 3, then I will start to worry.

MDtripmom said...

Our babies aren't babies anymore! Look at those big girls, it won't be too much longer before they are 2, ahhhh.