Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sick again...

When Jace had a fever, he was so miserable, he fell asleep on his play mat...which he never does!
(Picture sucks...was with my phone.)

Well we are all sick again. I think we just keep passing it back and forth! I am on some new medicine that hopefully takes mine away. I am waiting to put my contacts in until I am 100 percent sure I am over it. Thought I was, but got it again 3 days later and wasted a pair of contacts. Jace has had some yucky eyes lately, a cough and runny nose and yesterday a fever of 100.7 but much better now. Jaeli and Makenna have very runny noses! Maysie seems to be okay, runny nose occasionally. I think she is okay because she was the only one on actual antibodies. Hopefully this will be the last round. Dad is sick also, but he usually gets over it pretty fast, hopefully!

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