Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jace Gets His First Tooth!

His first tooth, you can kind of see it. It's there!
Love his smiles.
Getting stuck in the chair as usual!

Jace has become quite mobile. He goes everywhere and anywhere. Standing up has been his new favorite thing. He is standing just about anywhere he can. I had to put the arm up to his crib so he does not fall out. And the play pin, yeah, we no longer need that! The other day I walk in and had to run to catch him before he took a head dive into the hard wood floor. So we are now only taking naps in our crib. He loves to climb anything he can. He has fallen many times, but gets over it and tries again. The girls are frustrated with him because he now goes after their toys, even when they are playing with them. I think he will join the chaos of the hitting and biting soon. Where did my baby go? I give it a few more months and he will have caught up to the girls and we will have "quads"!

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