Thursday, September 23, 2010

Street Fair 2010 - 100th Year!

Well it went okay. They did not take their nap today, so they were a bit fussy. But overall, did great! THey did not enjoy the rides like I was hoping. Of course we only took them on 2 because it was so darn expensive! We were going to ride in the parade, but they were too tired. It was nice though that they went right to bed when we got home. And thanks to Leah for watching Jace for me! We were able to take the triple stroller, less pushing and easier to move than the doubles! Of course we get more attention, but really it was not that bad this year. We are going to attempt it again tomorrow.

The Bus Ride... that goes round and round way up high! They hated it! Makenna had the same face the whole time. Jaeli hated it, cried the whole time. And Maysei was not sure what to think!
Merry Go Round. We lasted a few seconds then each of them wanted off. They just dont like it for some reason.

Mouse Game. They enjoyed it and each won an Elmo (Melmo). Jaeli saw it soon after we got to it. She was determined to get one. Could have bought 10 of them at Walmart for the price we paid to get three!

They had more fun in the Elks where we went to cool off. I got some food for them while Grandma J and Aunt Jarilyn stayed with um. Took forever and by the time I got back they had eaten most of Jarilyns fries. We took um out of the stroller and they were going crazy running around and screaming. Of course many people had to peek in to see "the triplets".

Thanks Aunt Jarilyn and Grandma for going with us today! We will be attempting again tomorrow and then Mommy and Daddy are going without them Saturday!

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Mandy said...

I have those outfits for Josie! :-) She's wearing two and I have two for when she's bigger.