Thursday, January 5, 2012

My baby boy is turning 2 :-(.

 Uh Oh, Jace got in trouble, paci and blanket ended up in the trash! One of his many punishments for being bad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
 Cleaning for Grandma B!
Out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa!
 Another hair cut from Grandma K! This boy has had so many haircuts, I lost count a long time ago! But he sits there and lets him do it, never cries. Such a good boy!
 An early birthday party at Grandma's for Jace and Josie... he blew out the candles all by himself!
 Trouble, trouble, trouble!
Climbed a chair, fell off in between the wall and chair and bit his tong. Thought I was going to the ER. And just the other day, he was leaning forward to far on his chair at lunch and busted open his chin. Oh and almost gave Grandma B a heart attack on the stairs as he jumped towards her from the top to the bottom. Thankfully she caught him and managed to stay on her feet. This kid has NO FEAR. He is definitely a boy, that is for sure!

My baby boy will be 2 on January 11th. Time has gone by so fast. I miss having a boy, well for the most part. I don't miss getting up every couple hours to feed. I just can't believe how big he has got and how he fits in with his sisters... its like having quads.. but most of the time Jace is worse than the three of them put together. He keeps me on my feet and I couldn't imagine life without him. Love you Buddy!

I will post his video in the next week or two!

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