Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girls Birthday!

The girls are going to be FOUR in a couple weeks! Where did time go? They are going to love their presents... a doll house and a stroller, play pin, and bouncer for their babies! They also get their favorite princess blanket for their NEW big girl beds! As you can see from the picture the three twin size beds pretty much take up the entire room! Josh is going to cut one of the beds down a few inches to make it fit under Mak's bed so they have more open space. I worry at times about Mak's bed being so high, but she does really well with it and JJ and MJ do well when they play on, but do prefer their beds on the floor! Thanks to Tracy for the floor beds and to my friend Andrea for helping us out with the mattress's! And I can't forget a big thanks to my dad and Josh for getting the beds put together!

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