Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Makenna... There may be help afterall!

The lab, where we ordered Mak's breath test from, emailed me and asked that I call them to discuss her results - this was after I emailed them asking if I could have messed it up in any way. Well, I just got off phone with them and they were awesome! She said they had a board meeting about my questions to make sure they gave me the correct information and could find a way to help us. She said this was a text book test and results were very reliable as test was taken perfectly. All the numbers were correct, her CO2 numbers were perfect, which is very important. She new Mak was a child because the numbers are usually not that high in adults and her little body just can't handle the sugar. She also said they all suspect Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) after I asked her about it, since I had heard it from others too. She also mentioned, if she has SIBO, it can be controlled with medicine and could possibly be the cause of the Fructose Malabsorption and could make the symptoms go away and we may discover she does not even have Fructose Malabsorption. It is a common side effect of SIBO, the body CAN NOT absorp sugar very well, if any at all. After I told her we were struggling to find a doctor to help us, she said that it is very common because not many doctors are familar with this. She then confirmed I was in Indiana and asked how far away from Indy we were because University of Indiana, Indiana Health (Riley Childrens Hospital) recently bought a bunch of new breath testing equipment because they are really getting into researching this. She is suppose to be emailing me their number and a possible doctors name! She is also emailing me some information on the SIBO breath test that she and the board suggests we should take.

So I have a call into our pediatritcian to discuss with her and go over the breath test results as well as the other doctors that have not been able to help us. And hoping for a referral to Rily. However... not being in our network... that bill or bills are going to suck us dry. BUT, if we can make Makenna better, make her feel better and possibly better all around for good... then this is worth every penny!

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