Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime Fun!

The kids sure do LOVE summertime. It is getting much easier with them, we don't have to worry so much about chasing 4 kids going in 4 different directions so much anymore... except for Jace! It sure would be nice to get a fence though... I think I would take them out on my own and they would love it. We will be going camping in August with the girls. I am sure they will have a blast and should be easier than it was last year... especially not having to deal with Makenna's melt downs! Poor Jace will be left behind again, I just worry taking him somewhere like that for two days... so much for him to get into and so many places to take off to! He will go next year for sure and I will make sure grandma does something VERY VERY fun with him. Probably have her and grandpa bring him up for the last day to play for an hour or two. We will see!

And we are going to the lake with the my family end of June for my dad's birthday. That should be fun considering we will be surrounded by water! This too will be interesting, but lots of people to help, so should be fun!

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