Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fun at the Lake!

A couple weekends ago we went to the lake with some good friends of ours. It was a great weekend! The kids played in the water by the dock at this cute little lake house and we also went boating and tubing.

There were many memories made this trip, many good memories! The kids got to tube for the first time and it was fun for them... and scary! I went out with JJ and Makenna and they had a blast. Listening to JJ laugh is the greatest thing. And Makenna learned quickly to give a thumbs up to go faster. She just kept doing and thought it was so funny when I told her no more or we were going to fall off. Then it was Josh with Jace and Maysie. They too had a great time of course. The smiles on their faces were unforgettable. So we went back to the house and played for awhile. Before dinner we decided to go out one more time. I went first again but this time with Maysie and Jace. We get out there and I knew I had to pull up as the boat takes off... but I just couldn't do it. So the boat starts to go and I am trying, but not doing so good and here it comes... the water starts coming over the tube! I knew what was about to happen and tried to prepare myself and get ready to grab two kids. The water comes over, we start to go under. I grab Jace's arm and try to find Maysie. Once the tube is out of the way, I grab Maysie and hold onto both of them tight as I tread the water. I had a vest on, but it is a little difficult to stay above water while holding two young children! I am laughing so hard because they are crying hysterically, traumatized. Maysie says "I told you I wanted to go with Daddy". Oh my, it was great! We were safe, the boat was headed our way and I was just enjoying the moment. I tell Jace to swim to the latter and climb up. And then pull Maysie over and ask her to climb up. She gives me the death stare. It was so funny. She was so mad at me and swore she would never go on again! Poor girl, traumatized by the water once again. She said she went under the tube and couldn't find me but didn't swallow any water. Hopefully she recovers! So then Josh goes out with Jace and Jaeli after Makenna goes with the other little girl and her mom we were with. They start going and are doing fine. And then a big wave heads their way so our friend driving the boat slows it down, really slows it down and... down goes the tube, under the water. And they all fall off! No crying from Jace this time and Jaeli was fine too. We go pick um up and Jaeli says, "I want to go again, and fall off!" So funny. It was time to go back for dinner and of course Mak was upset because she wanted to fall off too! But then I told her she was the only one that did not fall off and she was then proud of herself! It was a great time!

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