Thursday, September 26, 2013

Growing up too fast!

It's been awhile since I posted something about them individually, so here it goes (I am sure I am missing lots of stuff though.)...
Makenna Anne
This little girl is so smart, so grown up, so amazing. Makenna has struggled since she was born to show her true personality. I am happy to say, we have finally come to a point that we see her true self on a daily basis. We saw glimpses of it in the last 5 years, but now she only has melt downs, “episodes” maybe two to three times a week on good weeks! It’s still a learning process, trying to live with her sugar intolerance causing mood swings and rashes… as she gets older, she understands it even more. She is doing great in school; she seems to really enjoy it.  I have yet to get a note from her teacher because she needs help with something. Her teacher loves owls, so of course she talks about them all the time and tells me things I never knew! She is always willing to help, especially when she gets a reward in return. She is my big helper!

Jaeli Jo
Jaeli is such a sweet girl, but she has such an evil side as well. Lately we have come to realize just exactly what her personality is. Jaeli does not like discipline or to get in trouble in any way. So if you yell at her or discipline her, she wants nothing at all to do with you…. But if you give her what she wants, if you love on her and spoil her, then she is your best friend, the sweetest girl you will ever meet! Jaeli also does not like hard activity, where she actually has to work. She HATES gym class. First it was lunch, so after not eating for 2 weeks, I started packing it for her. And then all of a sudden it turned into gym class. She constantly asks me if she has to go to school. I think she just wants to stay home. The last couple days she has cried through gym and today they made her participate even though she was upset. Hopefully one day she will get used to it. I sure do love her hugs and kisses and love you’s!

Jace Allen
My baby boy! This little guy is such a delight. He makes me smile each and every day. He also has me pulling out my hair every day too. But I could never wish for anything different. He is just so cute and so adorable. When he is by himself, he is crazy fun and so good. Bring his sisters around and he is a terror! He is doing pretty well in school. He is nowhere near where the girls were at this time, but he will be in the class for two years, which is much needed! He went to the dentist the other day with Josh and was told he can no longer have his paci at night when sleeping. So we are working on it. Crossing my fingers I got him to give it up. He LOVES Spiderman, so I got him an action figure and he loves it. He knows I am going to take it away if he asks for a paci. So far, so good! I love my little man so much… I want him to stop growing up so fast! I enjoy my time alone with him. I was with him all the time the first year of his life and not so much the last two years. Now I am finding more time with him and love it!

Maysie Jailyn
Oh drama! Maysie is so dramatic about everything and anything, good or bad! She does not listen very well and she is struggling at school a little. She has to see a speech therapist and always has homework to write her name. She is left handed, so I think that has a part to do with it. But Maysie loves her mommy! She has always been my girl. She has a huge heart and loves to make me happy, and most others who are close to her. She seems to enjoy school, even enjoys gym class. She is always excited to tell me what happened that day at school. I was worried she would feel too alone, but I think she is doing alright and will hopefully take off soon with her writing. Grandma B has much more patience than me, so she may be tutoring her to help her. The one thing I do not want to happen is for her to get held back… I will do all I can to make sure it doesn’t happen. She is my silly girl who loves to make me laugh!

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