Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Science Central

Makenna ridding the horse!
Makenna playing in the water.
Makenna climbing
Maysie playing with Legos!
Maysie hiding!
Jaeli showing me what she found!
Jaeli rocking!
Jaeli playing with a puppet.
Jace just chillin!
Mayise and Makenna
All of us playing at the water table. We spent most of our time here.
We got a little too wet so we had to put on aprons!
All of us climbing!

So I wanted to get the girls out of the house for a bit. So we decided to go to Science Central. There are a few other places I plan to visit soon too, like Mitchel Books Play Center, the Library to visit with my Aunt and then of course the Zoo when it opens!

It went really well, the girls did great! They never fought or fussed the entire time. They did have me warn out chasing them around! Thanks Grandma B for helping! I think Daddy had a good time too! Jace slept through most of it!

They were not happy when we left, fought us a little when putting them in the car. I fed them a quick dinner and then we left! They slept great that night!

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jskcaesquivel said...

cute Pics!! I havent blogged in forever, and it seems like lots have happened to you and your family! All of your children are adorable!!