Thursday, March 18, 2010


Maysie got hurt!
All three of them in their cribs after naptime NAKED and Jaeli even had poop everywhere!
Jaeli's black eye, we fell off a chair!

We finally got our house! I am so happy! It took a long time, but it will be worth it once we get to move in and start living in our own home again! It is 3x the size of our old home, so should fit us well!

We are going to have to buy some diaper pins so we can pin their clothes together because they just wont stop taking them off and their diapers!

I spoke with the doctor about thinking she might be OCD. Well, doctor does not think so, she says its normal for some kids at this age. She is just trying to control the environment around her since she can't control her sisters or me and dad. She said to tell her its okay how it is and to let her through a fit if she decides too. And to ignore her. But if its something bothering her that she can do, then help her figure out how to do it or change it herself! So we will give it a try!

He is getting to be a big boy! We had our 2 month check up. He is now 12lbs 10oz and 22" in height. He is doing great! We did switch formulas to see how it works for him. It is soy, proteins already broken up to help digestion go easier. Hopefully it helps and he can have some relief every once in awhile!

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