Monday, September 10, 2012

Camping Trip #2

Well camping trip #2 was a success! It was our first time with our new camper and with Jace. The girls have gone a couple times before - once earlier this summer and once last summer. It went better than I thought it would. There were the normal melt downs and they wanted to eat constantly. And then can’t forget the rain we had. It rained each day except the last day we were there. Thankfully the second day it did not start until bedtime for the kids and they were able to go to the park and swim. The good thing about the rain was it kept the heat away and did not have to use sunscreen!!

We really liked the campground (KOA Campground), we were not so sure about it at first because the price is double anywhere else, but it has water hook up on every site, it was quiet, had lots of activities for the kids, nice showers - swimming, hayride, park, music, ice cream social (which we could not do because of Mak). And it was only 10 minutes from home, so of course we ran home about 3 different times to grab something.

Jace not getting a nap was rough, but I took him for a drive to the house the second day and he fell asleep, so that was good! They did pretty well staying in bed and sleeping all night. Jace only touched the fire ring once!

I am excited to go again this year. It will be at Salamonie and they will be contained much better! And I LOVE the new camper, it is so nice to have everything in one spot that we don't have to move up and down stairs each time we go camping. Some GREAT memories will be made now that we will be camping more often than we have in the past! The kids LOVE camping and look forward to it every time. NO MORE TENT CAMPING!

Lots of pictures to post, just have not had time! Soon to come! (We have an official diagnosis on Mak... worse than we thought, but not life threatening, so that is a plus - just a new life style - will post more later.)  

 The New Camper!
 Found a tree to climb on!
 Taking a walk with Daddy to get some wood!
 Loved the pool!
Jace found some goggles that thankfully a little girl let him keep wearing until she had to leave and then he was devestated!
 The playground!
 Jace had a blast!
 Mak LOVED taking pics!
 I even got them all to sit together for me!
Camping is so much fun!

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