Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping Trip #1

 Makenna being silly!
 Loving the playground!
 Why the step is so so high, I don't know??
 Think they were watching birds!
 Jaeli trying to find something to do.
 Checking things out.
 Maysie having fun!
 Love to climb!
 Jaeli having fun!
 More worms, not so sure about them!
 Well, she picked it up for a bit!
 Maysie is not so sure.
 Mak loved them!
 She was carrying around ALL of them at once!
 This is after we got back and got the new camper.

Earlier this summer, we went camping with some good friends of ours and their two daughters. We had a great time. We left Jace at home though, we had to make sure we could handle the triplets before we brought him along... ya know since he is more trouble than all three of them put together! And we have to say thanks to Kris and Greg for letting us  borrow thier camper. We bought ours about a week after we got back. But it was still much better than tent camping, even if Daddy had to sleep on the floor! Thanks Mitch and Jennifer for a good time!

The girls had a blast and LOVED it of course. I really like this campground, Salamonie, because we picked sites on a playground, well right next to them and so the girls were contatined for the most part. And the bathrooms were close and showers were very nice. It was a good weekend, not too hot, a little windy, but I would rather have that then the heat! We plan on taking Jace mid October by himself to make up for not going this time.

I think camping is going to become a 3-4 time thing each summer. Lots of fun memories to be made!

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