Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Street Fair!

Kids had a BLAST at Street Fair this year and are asking when they can go back! Next year they should be a little taller and be able to go on more rides. They sure did love them. We had a good time with Grandma J, Aunt Jarilyn and Daddy!
 Makenna and Maysie on our way from Grandma J's house.
 Jace and Jaeli on our way to Street Fair!
 Waiting to go on their first ride... The Strawberries, Mak's favorite that she remembered from last year.
 Maysie and Jace holding on tight!
 Jaeli loving it!
 Makenna having fun!
 I think JJ (in the green) loved it the most!
 Got to love the faces!
 Can you find them all?
 A horsey! Jce waving!
 Girls enjoying their ride.
This is the ride Grandma and Daddy Loved! JJ wanted so bad to go on with Grandma J... even if she was taller enough, not sure I would have let her!

See you next year Street Fair!

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