Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pre School is going good!

 First day!
Made it through day #1

The girls have been doing really good at school and learning lots. So far JJ is the only one to have an pee pee accident. She felt so bad but was busy playing and just didn't make it in time. Maysie and Jaeli are still struggling with talking at school, but slowly getting there. Mak does pretty good overall. She has to bring her own snack to school every day due to her sugar intollerance and had issues with one boy wanting to eat her snack but Ms. Deb just moved him and all was okay. I spoke with her the other day about them and she said they are all doing well and she has found most intersting JJ and MJ. She said one day they were sitting across the table from each other and then all of a sudden, one of them got up, walked over to the other one and then she got up and went to the other ones chair. She said they never spoke to each other, they just switched chairs. She thought it was pretty cute. And she did notice Mak was not herself one day. They were in line and she touched Mak's shoulder to tell her to stay in line and she slapped her hand. She said she did it again to see what she would do and she hit it again but after that she got back in line and was okay. But she said she noticed a change in her, she seemed irritated as well and she has never acted that way before. So she could see a difference for sure.

So school is going good, they love it and hope they get better each day. Show and Tell is a struggle with Maysie. She will not talk and talk about her toy and usually looks for sister to talk for her. But Ms. Deb said she is working on it.

I am excited to see how far they get by the end of the year!

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