Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Times!

Maysie doing the splits.
Makenna dancing!
Maysie taking a swim... she loves the water!
Mak getting ready for the pool. She is thinking ... get this stuff off me, I just wanna play with the ball.
Makenna playing with lego's...she loves um!
Jaeli sitting in the swing...she likes to pretend she is a baby!
Jaeli feeding the dog!
Jaeli thinking about jumping...but she thinks not! Mak and Mj did though!
Jace with his aunt Mandy and his cousin Josie, who is 2 months younger. I think Jace looks bigger!
We always find a way!
Girls eating at my 30th birthday party! I think they had a good time!
All of us trying to fit into our "toy" babies play pin.
Checking out grandma and grandpa's new couch!
Chilling in our chairs at Grandma's house.

Just some pictures of what has been going on in the last couple weeks.

Got the wedding this weekend, so I am sure there will be many more pics to post soon! Wish us luck! Three hours past bedtime is not my idea of fun...the next day will be a blast!!! Glad we are staying at Grandma's that night for Fathers Day the next day. Any other day, I would have said no way! But its my sisters wedding, so I will deal with it for her!

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