Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Three Tornado's

This is how we found out bathroom this morning. Yes, that would be our three little tornado's!
(Notice their bears and monkeys on the floor with all the bathroom stuff, must have been their first stop!)

So this is how it all started...

Yesterday I wake up and do my normal morning things. I was getting Jace's bottle ready, had not even got him up yet, and then all of a sudden I hear three little foot steps and three little laughs. I look down the hall and here they come. Yep, up bright an early, actually 30 minutes early! (I figured Daddy left the door open a little when he checked on them last night.)

Then they decided they were going to be fussy all morning long!

So I was ready for "quiet time" in their room while they watched a movie. I put them in there and then left. Five minutes later, here they come once again. Back to our room we go.

So now I figure they know how to open the door, but I just kept putting um back in.

Then about ten minutes later I went to check on them and heard a muffled cry coming from their room. I knew it was Makenna and though maybe she was stuck and had the blanket over her head or something. I had no clue, so opened the door to find Jaeli and Maysie standing at their closet door with big smiles on their faces. I open the door and their is Makenna, screaming her head off because her sisters locked her in the closet!

Oh, thats not the worst...

So I leave once again. I go back and check on them another ten minutes later and find find them all running around with their diapers off! (Easy solution, bring back out the duct tape!)

So I go tell their dad I am taking a shower and for him to deal with it. So he goes in and put new diapers on and leaves.

I go take a shower to get away!

Next is their nap time! I thought, well maybe they will be okay since they are tired and will hopefully go to sleep. Nope, had to keep putting um back in.

They finally fall asleep for about an hour.

Then after they wake up, they decide to open the door once again and come on out! Here comes two of them with their diapers off. (daddy did not put duct tape on them!)

So naps are over, now we just play. They were not too bad, we had Grandpa over, so that helped. They were still fussy, but we took them outside to play for awhile.

Well...the picture above comes from this morning!

I slept on the couch last night because our bedroom was too hot, so I slept in front of the a/c. I almost closed our bedroom door, but figured I would hear them if they woke up.

So my alarm goes off at 7:15 a.m. this morning, about 45 min. before I usually get the girls up/let them out. They usually wake about 7:30 and play for 15 min. until I am ready for them.

I walk into the kitchen, half asleep, look down the hallway and notice their door is open. Oh great, they got out again. I figured they went into their brothers room, nope! I walk into our room because I hear three little voices giggling. I see two of them playing with some things on our shelves and then Makenna sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by all things that used to be in drawers! Good thing I put all the bad stuff somewhere they can't get to.

Oh what will we do? And they say 3 is worse than 2?? And they aren't even 2 yet!

So Daddy said he would take care of it! So think we have a good solution to keep them from getting out since they figured out how to use the safety door knobs!

Wish us luck this next year!!!

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