Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Poem

(I changed a few words.)

My name is Makenna and I have two sisters

Each one looks just like the other

They are twins that is true

But each of them is my twin too.

How is that you ask of me?

Because we’re triplets (that means 3)

Triplets are 3 babies that are born together

Sharing a birthday, and more, forever.

We shared a crib when we were tiny.

We shared the pants that covered our hineys.

We shared our socks, sometimes our shoes,

We shared mommy’s lap and dad’s lap too!

We share our flu, our colds and such.

Mom doesn't like that very much.

We share our fun, we share our toys

We share our sad and we share our joys

Being a triplet is sometimes tough

Sometimes my sisters are just too rough

They break my dolls and that makes me sad

They pull my hair and that makes me mad

And if you ask them they will say

I’m bossy and mean to them every day.

And sometimes we aren’t in the mood to share

We fight and wish the other two weren’t there.

But I love my sisterrs and they love me

We play together, as a group of three

We ride bikes, and we play ball

We jump on the trampoline till we fall.

We laugh, we sing, we pile on Dad,

We blame each other when we are bad

When we get older we know we’ll be

Forever friends this group of three.

by Ruth Koontz (adjusted)
Thanks to another triplet mom!

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