Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa was a failure...

Well we went to see Santa on Saturday, and it did not go so well as you can see from the pictures! Poor girls hated Santa, all three cried. I just sat them on his lap for a second to grab a picture, hopefully I didn't traumatize them too much! Most of the kids under 3 years old did the same exact thing. So it's not just mine!
Maysie was the last of the girls to sit with Santa. It was so funny, after I put Makenna on his lap and turned around to grab Maysie real quick, she swung around and started running away from me! HA HA HA, it was great. I caught her, and she was NOT happy! Gave everyone a good laugh though.
Makenna refusing to sit with Santa. I was so scared she was gonna kick him...where it hurts! She was just kicking away, couldn't even get a pick of her face.
Jaeli was devastated, you can see Grandpa's hands in the picture...I don't even think she sat on Santa's lap for a second! Thankfully Grandpa was able to take a couple minutes away from the other 8 grandkids that were there. He gets Grandpa Award of the Year for taking 8 kids by himself! All their mom's and dad's had to work! Even Josh got called in that morning to work. So it was Grandpa and Me watching over 12 kids!
Jace did not mind too much, he just looked at him, like who the heck are you and why are you holding me! At least he did not cry!

Doing some coloring before Santa arrives. They really were not into it much. But they were sitting at the tables quietly, so that was good!

The girls playing with their light up tooth brushes and Jace eating a chocolate chip cookie! Thanks Grandpa for keeping him happy (contained) so I could help the girls! I would have been chasing him around everywhere!

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