Monday, December 13, 2010

Jace 1st Birthday (EARLY!)

So when the girls were 11 months old, I took a picture of them eating a birthday cake (link below). So I thought it was only fair to do it for Jace too! The girls did great just sitting there watching him do it. I could tell it was KILLING Makenna that she was not aloud to dig in with him! It was so funny! Jace did great, didn't even make a mess. He was so easy to clean up. And he sat there for a few minutes while the girls watched. Then of course I gave them some after I was done with pictures.
Just getting started!
My favorite of the pictures!
A mouth funny!
Cutest smile ever!
Jace enjoying some more cake!
Jaeli did not want any cake, she is getting her molars in, so she has been in a lot of pain lately. At least I think that is why.
Girls eating cake...Maysie does not look happy in the picture, but she did enjoy it. And of course Makenna enjoyed it! She was the last one to finish as usual.

Click here to see girls eating cake when they were 11 months old!

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