Monday, May 2, 2011

Potty Training

Well... the first day there was only 2 accidents, but we started after nap. The second day there were twice as many. The third day was a little better and they started to get over the excitement of going in and out of the bathroom CONSTANTLY so it was a little easier. Jaeli got set back though cause she had poo'd in her pull up while we were outside and did not tell us, so she was a bit sore and hurt to pee. So she was afraid, but once it got better and she realized it was okay, she started going again. They LOVE to play in the sink, so sometimes I have to go in and tell them no more playing, time to leave. Only once or twice I have had to pull them out. Trying to keep it positive. However, they all have diarrhea, so that does not help with the process and has caused LOTS of accidents today. Some were HORRIBLE, it was like a poo bomb all over the floor. I don't think they can control it, but trying to stick to it and not go back to diapers since we have come so far. Yesterday we were at a birthday party all day, so they refused to go potty except in their pull ups, so that set us back. Trying to get back on track today, but with them being sick, its not so easy. We have come one step further than any other time...they know how to control themselves much better than before. Will have more of an update later. Wish us luck! I am hoping to have them trained for the most part within a few days, by Sunday at the latest since I start my new job soon. Crossing my fingers!

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