Friday, May 27, 2011

The Zoo

Feeding the fish!
Aww, they LOVED the goats. Had so much fun touching them and playing with them!
Brushing the goats!
Jace really enjoyed them too!
They loved that they were standing on the trees!
Getting swarmed by the goats when they returned the brushes!
Jace decided he wanted to push the stroller instead of ride it!
Jaeli was in love with the horse. She sat on it all by herself. We did have the slowest horse though! She through a major fit when I had to take her off. I think we have a future rider!
Makenna holding onto my mom for dear life...just like she did last year.
Maysie did pretty well too, she seemed to enjoy herself.
Jaeli refused to ride on one of the animals, she had to sit on the bench instead!
Watching the fishes and ducks!
Jace pointing out the ducks!
Feeding the ducks and fishes!
Maysie out of bread and asking where more is!
Jace was throwing bread over the side and wanted more!
Checking out the fish tanks!
Jaeli loving her horse ride!
Maysie stayed on until I asked her if she was scared...then of course, she got scared! Opps!
Jace really enjoyed it!
Mak not so sure about it!

We took the kids to the zoo to meet up with some friends of ours. It was our first time this year. They seemed to enjoy it so much more than last year. They even walked some of the time and did GREAT! All except Jace of course who just wanted to run around and take off. Once we let him out of the stroller, he did not want to go back in. We might take them again soon, but probably find a sitter for Jace, he is just too much to handle at the zoo, next year will be better for him. And that way we can enjoy it more with the girls. I don't like him to miss out on it, but... the girls will enjoy it more. I will just have to make sure we don't something fun with him!

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