Friday, May 27, 2011

Potty Training

Well we have been working on potty training for about a month now. It is going much better than expected. We have a routine and it works good! We only have one though, Miss Maysie who has not had an accident in about a week! Jaeli and Makenna have one or two accidents a day, usually b/c they are busy playing and don't want to go. I never would have though Maysie would be the first. She holds it well, even through the night! She is always dry when she wakes up and after most naps. Soon I think we can switch her to regular undies and maybe even during nap. I think I will wait awhile for bedtime though. So proud of her! Makenna and Jae do pretty good, they are getting there. There are two problems that drive me is playing in the sink. They will stay in the bathroom way longer than they need to because they are playing in the sink, usually making a mess. Hopefully it will pass. Maysie and Jaeli usually beg me to go potty after we have changed into pj's and got diapers on for bedtime after we go to their room to read books. Mainly my fault for not making them go right before I get them ready for bed.

Glad to be getting close to eliminating 3x the amount of diapers that we go though! We have saved about 30 bucks a week keeping them in training pants all day long. Next we will have to work on Jace, maybe when he turns 2!

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