Friday, May 27, 2011

Playtime, silly girls!

Drawing on her new art board!
Jace playing on the new art board!
Maysie being silly as usual!
Silly girls!
Jaeli loves to draw! I think she may be a future artist like her mommy!
Having fun outside!
Discovering chalk on the ground...not hers!
Maysie being silly...again!
And Jaeli being silly!
Little Miss Maysie decided to tear paint off the wall. This started as a very small circle. Then it just kept growing and growing and growing! Everyone took part in it. They always go over to it and say... "Grandma J's gonna be mad!" Grandma painted it when we bought the house. We used primer too, but still peels off way to easy. Hopefully we have enough paint to patch it and re-paint it.

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