Friday, October 21, 2011

The Corner!

Well the corner works great for Jace, Maysie and Jaeli, not so much for Mak. But Jace actually stays there...most of the time and when he is not laughing at me as you see in the video. They go when they do something wrong, it may be a punishment they don't mind most of the time, but... it gets their mind off why they were in the corner to begin with and all is good until the next episode! So it works. Jace was put in the corner for throwing a toy when he got mad. And as you see in the video, he thought it was funny and laughed at me, then tried to get out. Well, I made him go back in b/c of it and he stayed until I told him he could come out. It usually works!


Anonymous said...

Is that the naughty corner? Supernanny always calls it the naughty corner on her show. She only puts them in the corner for 1 min x their age. The time starts when they stand there without wandering off. If they do wander off they're put back in the corner. Once they complete their time then they have to apologize for the offense. It seems to work wonders on the show.

Megan said...

Okay Anonymous, who are you? Just curious so I know who I am talking to. Yes, it is the naughty corner and we call it "time out" in the corner. They go there or to their room for time out if they do something really bad. It works!