Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Now he is taking his clothes off, sorry buddy, they don't make rompers for boys!
 Loves dumping water on his head!
 Loves to climb, such a boy... of course he learned it from his sisters though.
 Reading a book, loves Elmo! Really starting to talk now and repeating everything.
 Tired boy!
 We are in trouble!
My baby is no longer a baby:-(. So sad, I miss my baby. He loves to do exactly what his sisters are doing, its so cute. He will be 2 in less than 3 months, where did time go? I guess now I get to look forward to being done with all the BABY stuff like diapers and sippies. It will be nice, but I will miss it. He is still very much a daddys boy, but he loves mommy too! I think his favorite work is papa though. He has three to choose from! He is getting his last four teeth in, so been crabby lately, but the last two days have been pretty hopefully they are done hurting. Got a flu shot yesterday and was such a trooper, only cried a few seconds.

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