Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our First Movie...

Ice cream before the movie! Jae had vanilla...did not like the sprinkles, so I had to take them off before she would eat it and then she only ate about half of it. She would prefer cake! Makenna had strawberry, her choosing and she loved every bite! Maysie had chocolate and even licked the bowl to make sure she got it all!

We went to the movie and ice cream for my works company outing, paid for by them! It was a nice experience and glad some co-workers got to meet the girls. Jace stayed with Aunt Mandy, way too young to be going to a move.
The girls waiting for the movie to start seating. We took them to see The Lion Kind 3D. Well, it lasted longer than we thought it would. They loved their glasses and wore them the entire time until... Mak said she had to go potty. Then they all had to go. I made the mistake of siting up top instead of by the stairs, so we had a long walk down and back up. Lost two pair of glasses when we left to go to the potty. So they were flipping out about that. And then, the pop was gone and Mak wanted MORE! So I sent Josh to go get some after a few "more drink, more drink, more drink!" Then it was, "I want to go with daddy, I want to go with daddy, I want to go with daddy." So I said okay, lets go find daddy and we decided to go home. They were getting really bored with it. They only sat a total of 5 min at a time and the rest of the time they went from seat to seat watching the movie as they did it. Jaeli seemed to enjoy the 3D the most, reached out and tried to grab a few times, but also got scared of it. So anyways, they had their fun and it was time to go! Maybe next year.

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