Thursday, October 20, 2011


 Fun with stickers!
Jaeli is very artistic, still has trouble with some things and gets bored quickly, but seems to enjoy it.
Being very very silly tossing her head back and forth. They all do it and think its the funniest thing when they all four do it together.
This is such a funny picture of her!
Wearing Grandma's shoes!
Fun with her baby!
Looks so cute with pig tails!
Having fun!
Grandma got them into Barbies and Kens, she pulled out the ones my sisters and I played with when we were there age. Oh the memories!
Jaeli is still very independent, but loves playing with her sisters. Her newest thing is being "Mommy" and usually Maysie is "baby". And if we call her Jaeli, she corrects us and says she is Mommy, and NEVER forgets it. It is so cute. They are really into pretend play. She still loves her Grandma B, for awhile there it wasn't too bad, but when she gets tired, she still prefers Grandma B over mommy. She is a sleeper, she is always first asleep, first ready for bed and last one up. The last few days she has been wanting to go to bed and just sits with me while her sisters play for a few minutes in their room before bedtime. She can be SO SO mean, but so sweet too. And she knows how to push my buttons just enough she wont get in trouble... she just pushes and pushes, but never big enough to be put in the corner. She knows how to play mommy, that is for sure!

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