Monday, May 14, 2012

The biggest scare yet...

 Handsome boy Jace!
 Mak looking so big!
 Miss JJ, sweet as ever... when she wants to be!
 Miss Maysie, silly as always!
Well the pools are open at my parents house and Josh's moms house. They sure do LOVE the water. My biggest fear came close on Saturday...

Little Miss Maysie went inside to go potty and decided to sneak outside to get back in the pool when she was done without the help of anyone. She has no fear, she never has. Thankfully there were 3 adults out there with the other kids. And I will FOREVER be grateful to my dad for seeing Maysie standing at the bottom of the pool (shallow end), just standing there looking up. No one saw or heard her come out and she just jumped in without putting her swimmers back on. Thankfully we have all been working with the girls on how to swim and hold their breath. It had to have happened in a matter of seconds, she came up not coughing, did not swallow any water thankfully. She was just scared, in tears. But I can only imagine how scared my dad was to see it, to live it. He was the first to notice her and jumped in, clothes and all, and grabbed her and pulled her out. She was perfectly fine, just scared and no longer wanted to swim. I am sure my dad can't get the sight out of his head and thousands of thoughts are going through his mind, as they are mine. We have new rules and we will be more strict with the locks on the doors so they can not get in or out without asking.

Thank you dad... I know you would have done it for anyone, and so so grateful you were there for Maysie.

Drowning is the #1 death of children. We are ALWAYS careful when the kids are in the pool, but kids are unpredictable. We always have someone watching them closely and in the pool with them at ALL times, no matter what - even being as careful as you possibly can... anything can happen.

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