Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation - Zoo in Michigan City

On our way home, we took a detour to Michigan City and stopped at the Washington Park Zoo. It was a bit small, but it was a great time! We all got a few laughs out of it. It was right by the lake, so the kids got to see... Lake Michigan (I think) and SAND! They wanted to play in it.. but it was very cold out, so we passed.

 Feeding the birds!
 They tried so hard to get a bird, but they just would not come!
 Jace loved being able to pet them!
 Mak enjoyed feeding the goats.
 Maysie enjoyed feeding the goats too!
 Oh, horsey! After we got home, Mak says, there were no lions but the horse looked like a lion... cause its hair was so long. She never did pet it... i think she was afraid it would bite her!
 JJ, ha, yuck, the goat got yuckies on her hand!
 This was pretty funny, JJ was just standing there like you see her in this picture and then all of a sudden the monkey you see JUMPS at her and pounds on the window and walks away. She just stood there and turned around with a smile on her face! It was cute!
 Jace is saying hi to an Owl!
 HA HA HA, Jarilyn got Poo'd on while walking under some trees! It was so so funny!
 Swimming with the seals!
 They didn't realize they could look through to see the seals, they just thought it was a fun tunnel!
Oh the Tigers! Ha... these are female tigers. I don't have a picture of the male tiger that was next door to them in another area. A sign on his cage said... Warning, this tiger sprays. HA HA, I thought, yeah right, whatever. Well... I was standing there with Jace and all of a sudden the tigger turns around, back up to me, lifts his tail... and then... I RUN! Josh and Jarilyn busted up laughing, after they ran away of course! It was so so funny, but thankfully I got away before he did anything! Poor Jace would have got it all! LOL Ask the girls and they will tell you the Tiger tired to pee on mommy!
Birds! Maysie trying to back up Jace so it does not bite him, so cute!

They did not want to go and wanted to see more. We were only there about an hour, but it was a good time!

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