Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation - Visiting with Family!

So the main point of the trip was visiting with my Aunt Kay, her husband Kirby and their three kids Callie, Cory and Jake who we had not seen for a long time and had been talking with them about making a trip to see them ever since the girls were born. We finally found the time, so we went! We had a great time with them, really enjoyed spending time and letting them see the kids and play with them. I think Callie and Cory had a good time with them too!

As most know, we have trouble with Mak, avoiding HFCS and a few other ingredients, well Kay has similar issues with Cory, so she understood what we are going through and was really great finding things for the kids and us to eat. Cooked lunch for us and bought some yummy snacks Mak could eat. By the way Kay, the soup was great... I want the recipe! Always looking for good soup recipes!

They made us feel right at home and the kids had a blast playing outside in their playhouse. It took awhile for them to warm up, but once they did, I was glad they got to see how great they are! Jace got very crabby because he needed a nap. But I am awesome and got him to fall asleep on me for an hour or so and he was much better afterwards!

And another great thing they did for us was offer to watch the kids while Jarilyn, Josh and I took a visit to the casino near by. So we left after dinner and came back a couple hours later... Josh won enough to pay for the entire trip plus some! So that was exciting! Jarilyn and I lost... but Josh made up for it! Kay said the kids did good. Maysie cried for us, eventually crying herself to sleep on Callie. Jace I think just ran around being Jace! JJ fell asleep on Kay and Mak stayed up watching a movie. I think Kay read MANY MANY books to them. I am sure she wont mind if she doesn't read another book for a LONG time!

Thank you to Kay, Kirby, Jake, Callie and Cory for inviting us into your home and visiting with us. We had a great time and it was well worth it!

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