Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation - Kids Museum

Healthworks Kids Museum in South Bend

We took a detour through South Bend and made a stop at this perfect little museum. It was small enough we could see the kids almost anywhere they were. They had a BLAST! They even gave the kids a tattoo and frisby when we were leaving. There was only ONE other kid there, so it was a good time.

 Jace checking out the dentist chair and huge tooth brush!
 JJ brushing the monkeys mouth with the huge toothbrush!
 Maysie wanted to give it a try too!
 Mak wanted to give this bouncy thing a try, she did pretty good!
 Grocery Shopping!
 They had three carts... poor Jace only got to push one when one of the girls got distracted... until they discovered him and took it away!
 A garden!
 Hum... can I eat this?
 All these groceries to buy! They had their carts full!
 What can we buy next?
 Can you tell, the grocery store was their favorite part!
 Jaeli going down the big slide!
 Jace had fun on the slide too!
 I think Maysie got stuck once, somehow!
 Mak had a good time on the slide too!
 I think she was racing... she was the only one who could reach the pedals.
 A dance floor! Follow the lights!
 See the HUGE eye behind Jace? Well this was the first thing they saw and Jace ran right at it and... bounced right off it! It was funny, but poor guy had a big red mark on his forehead!
Pushing their grocery carts!

This was our first stop after a 2.5 hour drive, so they enjoyed running around after being locked into their car seats so long. 

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