Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lake Vacation

 Playing on the beach!
 Maysie showing me her sandy hands!
 Jaeli having a good time!
 Mak loving her bugs!
And of course, Jace playing in the sand and getting dirty!

Took the kids on a mini family vacation with my side of the family. They had a blast, think we all had a good time. It went much better than expected. It was on Lake Matteson in Michigan and my mom found 3 little cottages all in a row, right on the lake with it's own beach and water trampoline. There was my parents and then my sisters and their husbands and daughter. So we all pretty much had our own cabin. My parents shared one with my lil sis and her husband! We were very weary of the fact that we were surrounded by water, 3 sides of us... but they did really good staying away unless they were with someone. They caught bugs, jumped on the trampoline with Greg splashing them from underneath (which they LOVED), took paddle boat rides, played on the beach and built sand castles, played on the swing set and found turtles, ducks and visited each cabin multiple times! Thankfully JJ slept with my mom and dad the first night and Mak slept with them the second night so I only had 3 to worry about throughout the night each night. And very unexpected... I was able to sleep ALL NIGHT long. I was afraid they would be up on and off all night, but for the most part slept straight through. Josh got his own bed each night. The first night Mak slept all by herself in one of the rooms and I slept on the pull out bed with Maysie and Jace slept on a big chair! The second night was a little more tight cause JJ and MJ had to both sleep with me and Jace slept on the chair again. Overall it all worked out really well and did not have too many issues or tantrums! Took them to play putt putt - that did not go so well... they just were too young and then took them all for a go cart ride and they LOVED it. MJ was so devastated because she wanted to go again! We caught a Praying Mantis the first day and got to watch it eat other bugs... did you know they HATE ants! He would freak out with them but sure did chow down on the other bugs. We let him go free before we left. Thanks mom and dad for a great little family vacation!

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