Monday, October 1, 2012

First School Pictures!

 Jaeli Jo
 Makenna Anne
Maysie Jailyn

Oh my girls... I told them and begged them to smile for me in their pictures. They all promised they would, but I knew... only one of them would, and as you see, I was right - it was Miss Makenna.

Jaeli looks so so so so scared in her picture. Poor girl was probably deathly afraid. Maybe next year I can get a smile!

Makenna sure did give me a smile, but it's the smile I hate! LOL I am still working with her to show her teeth and then it is usually an adorable smile. But at least she listened to me and gave me a smile!

Mayise just looks scared, little miss innocent and litte miss sweet all in one. Ha, if you only new! She is thinking to herself, mommy wants me to smile, but I don't want all these people to see who I really am. She is so shy!

So happy but so sad at the same time. Their first school pictures... didn't turn out too horrible! Maybe next year I can get them all to smile and show their teeth!

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