Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Camping Trip #3 (Girls last for the year.)

Having a good time making Pumpkin Spiders! (Thanks to Jennifer for coming up with the idea and making it all happen!) They had a blast!

Getting ready to go Trick or Treating! They had so much fun going around another campground and getting lots and lots of candy! Thanks to Uncle Greg for the special bags of candy he had for them that I made them trade in... due to Mak's illness. It was a good time!

This was our last camping trip of the year with the girls. It was interesting and don't think we will be going so late in the year next year, but we had a great time, even thought it was feezing! The kids all did great, no one got in trouble... too much. It was a bit cold and had to dress very very warm. I made the mistake of only taking one pair of shoes for the kids and Mak's got soak and wet, so we had to run to the store to get new ones and picked up some rain boot while we were there. So those worked out pretty well. It rained a lot on Friday and through the night. The camper got rained on so much that the canapy leaked all night long... that was NOT fun, but we managed. Saturday was much better, still cold, but no rain thank goodness and we were able to be outside instead of stuck instead the camper trying to entertain 4 young chidren!

Thanks to Aunt Kris and Uncle Greg and our friends Mitch and Jennifer and their two girls for camping with us and having a great time. Looking forward to next year!

And one last trip this year will be next weekend with Grandma and Grandpa J and Aunt Jarilyn. But only Jace will be going to make up for the time we left him out earlier this summer. Should be fun... and hopefully not as cold as last weekend.

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