Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Girls 4 Year Check Up

 Waiting to see the doc!
 4 years old
This was taken last year at their 3 year appointment. Look how big they have got in just 1 year!

They girls did great. They were so scared they were getting shots but much to my surprise, no shots this time! They were very happy about that. They even did everything the doctor asked them to do. They would never open their mouths before so she could look in, but this time they all did!

Makenna: 40.5 lbs 90% and 40 5/8" 75%
                 (3 year: 36 lbs and 37 5/8")

Jaeli: 37.5 lbs 75% and 39" 50%
          (3 year: 31 lbs and 35 7/8")

Maysie: 36.25 lbs 50%  and 38 1/4" 25%
             (3 year: 28.5 lbs and 35 5/8")

Makenna has always been around 5 lbs more than JJ and MJ, so they are slowly catching up. And Mak has always been in the 85% for weight and height - so she is slowing down in height and gaining in weight!

JJ and MJ have always been about 2 lbs apart, so MJ is finally catching up to JJ in weight, but height not so much, although when you look at them you can't even tell she is shorter. They have always been 5% for height and 25% for weight, so they are really catching up to where they should be.

Can't believe my girls are 4 years old and will be 5 years old in just 9 months. WOW!

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