Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Says it all...

Miss Makenna, this picture explains her well! She is so so creative and so smart. Some days she just amazes me at how much she knows and picks up on so easily. She loves to draw, she is very athletic and... when not on Fructose or too much sugar... she is so very happy and loving!
Oh Miss Jaeli, this explains her so very well too! She is our sleeper, just like daddy! She will fall asleep first and wake up last. Loves her sleep. She has a huge heart and very independent and makes me smile every day! And you can't forget the drama... she doesn't get her way, she will let you know!
And my sweet, sweet... cry baby! Miss Maysie can be so sweet and innocent... but she is a good little actress and very deceiving. She is always attached to my butt and is more drama then any of them! She can be very shy and very quiet, but she can also be so so silly too and loves to cuddle with her mommy!
And Mr. Jace is everything all the girls are put together! He just feeds off them and does everything and anything they do. Gotta love him, such a huge personality. Love my little man and makes me so sad to see him getting so big. But he sure does love to be right there next to his sisters getting in trouble!

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