Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Parent Teacher Conference!

 Hats they made at school, and Jace had to have one too... so Grandma B made him one!
How cute, they have lockers!!

Well the triplets had their first Parent Teach Conference. I went last night after work, without the girls. Just easier that way. Mrs. Deb is a great teacher and so happy to have them in her class. She had lots of great things to say about the girls. She is still struggling a bit with JJ and MJ, being able to tell them apart but we usually put something purple, like a head band on JJ so she can usually use that to tell the difference. The girls have their little firends they talk about all the time. The each share a friend name Sawyer, I have yet to meet her, but my mom told me she likes to walk up with the girls to the door when they get to school. Makenna's boyfriend is Cameron. Jaeli's is Elijah and Maysies is... can't remember the name! They all are very nice to Eli, who is in a wheel chair and the teacher said they are very helpful and always include him in everything. Happy to hear that! A little about each of them...

Makenna: She knows all her colors, all her upper case letters, she did great in language arts comprehension, she did great in visual discrimination name recognition and matching pictures. She got all her shapes except a diamond - surprised the teacher when she called it hexagon! She recognized 7 of 10 numbers and counts to 14! Her sissor skills are great, she does not like to be helped, she is very independent and wants to learn it on her own. And she can write her name "MAK", needs practicing writing it "Mak". She is doing very well, obviously much more advanced then MJ and JJ and does not talk much. (That is odd!) Teacher said she watches her and it looks like she is thinking really hard constantly but never talks to her and tells her what she is thinking. So need to work on that too. She should be ready for Kindergarten! Mrs. Deb has only had to deal with her "episodes" once that she really noticed. She does have trouble getting her attention to come talk to her. She usually has to get up and repeat her name. She is not sure if she is ignoring her or just to focussed on what she is doing and not hearing her. I think she is just too focused - when she is doing sometihng or watching something, that is all she cares about at that moment. Have 3 brothers and sisters around constantly teaches them to drown out the background.

Jaeli: She knows 7 of 11 colors. She struggled with brown, black, white and orange. She got 19 of 26 letters right and her language arts comprehension is great! She struggles a bit recognizing her name, mostly because there are three other "Ja" names in her class but she is getting better every day with it. She did good matching pictures, 3 out of 5. She got all her shapes right and recognized 7 of 10 numbers. Did not get 0, 6, 8 or 9 right. She can count to 11 and her sissor skills are good, still learning but doing better and better as time goes on. She can not write her name yet though, just J. She is very quiet when she talks, but at least she talks! Mrs. Deb recommended speech therapy for her. The therapist is going to come in and evaluate her and see if she needs it. If so and we qualify, it will take place during school. We really  need to work with her to make sure she is ready for Kindergarten, if not, then she may need another year of Preschool.

Maysie: She knows 9 of 11 colors. She had trouble with brown and black. She knows 18 of 26 letters and language arts comprehension was a bit of a struggle. She could say the picture but not put it into a sentence, she would not say anything. She knows her name, has no problem picking it out. She matched 3 of 5 pictures and sturggled with rectangle, square and I think oval. She recognized 6 of 10 numbers. I believe she struggled with 0, 6, 9 and can't remember the others. She can count to 13 with teacher pointing to the numbers for her. Her scissor skills are good, she switches from left to right, so we need to help her figure out which one she is before kindergarten. Mrs. Deb sees her use both, so we need to pay attention and see which one she does better with and try to get her to use only that one when writing or drawing. She can not write her name yet, just M. She too may need speech therapy. She talks less than JJ. Mrs. Deb has trouble understanding both of them at times. And we also need to work with her to get her ready for Kindergarten.

All: I do not want them to be in seperate grades, so really going to work hard getting MJ and JJ where they need to be to be ready for Kindergarten cause I know Mak will be ready. Not fair to Mak to hold her back because of JJ and MJ, but not fair to them if they arent ready. So that is very important! She also said the Kindergarten teachers may have somethign to say about splitting them up into seperate classes or keeping them together. She said they don't always have to sit together and they do communicate with the other kids, so she is going to keep an eye on them to make sure they improve and become socially ready. I think ideally I would like to keep them in the same class for Kindergarten and then split them up in 1st garde and after. So we will see. She does notice thier "secret language" at times. She said it is really neat to watch. She did hear JJ or MJ raise their voice for the very first time. One was sitting in a chair the other one wanted it, so she yelled at her and the other one got up! She could not recall who was who at the time. She also said the Kindergarten teachers think its great she has triplets and is looking forward to having them.

Jace: I asked if he would be able to go to Preschool next year and she said yes, it is for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. So that is good. And if there is room on the bus, he can ride with the girls! So crossing my fingers there will be room to make it easier for Josh and Grandma B.

Great job girls!!

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