Friday, December 21, 2012

Bye Bye Nora

Well we said goodbye to Miss Nora Thursday. She went back to her mommy. My aunt, who I am very close to, was in an accident a couple months ago and was not able to care for her new puppy Nora. We wanted to help her and with four kids, not much we can do... but we had been discussing a dog, well I had been and Josh has always turned me down. The kids have asked a few times too. So this was a good chance for us to see if it would work, if it was something we wanted to do.

I knew, having a puppy would be much more work than adopting a one or two year old dog... but it would give us a good idea. She had many puppy moments, that were expected... but we decided that right now it is just too much work having four kids. Temporarily it was great, gave the kids something to do, we got to know her better and help my aunt out.

We were sad to see her go, she is actually a very good dog - for a puppy! If we had to, we probably would have kept her, but we were happy to give her back! I plan on cleaning the carpets soon... she didn't do any worse than Jace... but between him and the dog having accidents on the floor, it is much needed!

Thanks for letting us take her for a couple months, we really enjoyed her but happy to see her home. Hope you and her both adjust well and can get back to normal!

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