Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Fun!

We had a great Christmas with the kids. They are starting to understand a little better and really enjoy Santa! Hopefully next year we can help them understand the meaning of giving rather than receiving. Sad to see it over but excited for next year. I am blessed to have our four angels and to make wonderful memories with them. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

 Cousin Brit reading a book while we wait for Santa!
 Here comes Santa!
 They were a bit nervous.
 JJ getting her present!
 Jace getting his present, he was so excited he went up even when it wasn't his name!
 Makenna getting her present!
 Poor Maysie was last and a little worried she wasn't getting one!
 This was after they opened their presents, they had a blast!
 Before we let them come out to see what Santa brought them!
 First time seeing their gifts!
 Opening presents!
 Miss JJ
 Mak liking her princess dress!
 Jace checking out his game!
 Maysie excited about her light up cup!
 Bikes! They need LOTS of practice before we go camping!
 Mak did the best, still needs a lot of learning though!
JJ was not too sure what to do!

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