Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Ready For Christmas!

 Santa brought them an early present... just got to keep them out of the basement until Christmas.
 Maysie checking out the Snowmen!
 Mak visiting with Santa!
 Had a great visit with Santa, no one cried... they just wanted their present! The girls told him they wanted bikes and Jace said a car!
 Jace jumped on Santa's lap, and jumped right back off to get his gift!
 Maysie with Santa!
 Miss J with Santa!
 First snow of the year, getting ready to go outside!
 So much fun, snow angels, snowball fights and rolling down the hill!
 They were not happy when I made them go inside.
 JJ decorating Grandma's tree!
 Jace helping decorate Grandma's tree!
 Our very first attempt at making a snowman! He was not very big!
 All the grandkids and grandma J with Santa!
Opening their gifts from Santa!

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