Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jace 3 year check up

 He does this... gets stuck and then cries for me to come help him down. He can get down just fine, but stays there and cries his little eyes out just cause he wants ME to do it for him. Attention!
 Playing in the waiting room... all by himself!
Waiting for Doc

Jace had his three year check up yesterday. He was so nervous, afraid he was going to get shots. I was so sure he would too, but when I told the nurse he was nervous about the shots, she said he was not getting any. I swear the girls had them at age 3, but maybe that was just the flu shot. Overall he did really well and enjoyed his time with Mommy and Grandma B.

I asked the doctor about his lip, how his gums continue down to his teeth, causing a gap in between his two front teeth. Aunt Jarilyn had this when she was a baby too and had it cut at a young age. Well Doc said that some say do it now, some say wait. Since we are seeing a Dentist in May, she said to ask him and see what he thinks. If we are not happy with his response, then she can refer us to an Orthopedic Surgeon to discuss it. Her understanding is that it is better to wait. The best time to cut it is when he loses his two front teeth. Since adult teeth are much bigger, we need more room. And since he has that gap there now, his teeth should grow in more straight. Some say it actually reduces the need for braces. So we will see what the Dentist thinks.

I also asked her about bathing the girls with Jace. When should we stop? She said so long as he is not uncomfortable, then it should be okay, if it’s just “playful”. Once he gets uncomfortable or the girls turn about 6 or 7, then we should consider stopping.

Height 36.5” (2 year: 33.5”)

Weight 32 lbs (2 year: 27 lbs)

Time is going way too fast, I miss my baby boy. I miss having a baby. They need to slow down. I need to take more time and enjoy them more.

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