Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day!

 The kids gift for Valentine's Day.
 Ready for school! I got to go to their party, it was neat to watch them in school. Learned just how shy Maysie is. We need to open her up some!
 Maysie Show and Tell
JJ Show and Tell
 Mak Show and Tell
 Getting ready to play a game!
 Mak's turn!
 JJ turn. Maysie refused, Ms. Deb had to walk with her.
 Maysie's glasses grandma b got her for vday!
And since I was home, they wanted their "fun" games. JJ was so attached she even took it potty!

I had a great day with them! Even spent some time with Mr. Jace in the morning and had a blast. Took the girls out to lunch and then went to Grandma J's for haircuts. And they were in a good mood all day.

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