Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Jace

Jace... Just a month ago Jace turned 3. Since he was 12 months old he has been TROUBLE. I thought at age 2 it would get better. Nope! So I crossed my fingers age 3 would get better... well so far, not so much. Maybe 4... I can always hope.

He is a handful, for ALL who watch him. I can't explain it but he is my miracle baby and I have a special connection with him. It's not more special than what I have with the girls... just different. Maybe it is because he is my last child or maybe because he is my only son. I love him so very much and maybe that is why I have let him get away with so much when I shouldn't have. I try to discipline him but it does not work well. I need to get more strict because he is getting to be uncontrollable with others who watch him. I think it's a boy thing, an age thing. But maybe not.

He is just a big baby and loves drama just as much as his sisters. I don't remember them being this bad, but maybe I just blocked it out!

This picture was taken after I got out of the shower the other day. Josh was home, so he watched the kids while I took a shower, hoping for a peaceful one since I don't get those very often. Well he discovered where I was and sat at the door, kicking it, yelling "Mommy, let me in!" Eventually it stopped, so I assumed he just went off to play and gave up. Nope, he fell asleep. Poor guy needs his daily nap or he is even worse.

As you will see in the next post and one or two previous ones, I have put the girls into Gymnastics. Jace was suppose to be with them, but after the first day... I decided it was best to leave him with my sister. It was just too much. He wanted nothing to do with the instructor and would not listen to me while we were there. He got away from my while putting on the girls coats at the end and hid under a trampoline where I could not get to him. I was embarrassed... very embarrassed. It's sad cause he loves his somersaults and is better than the girls at it. Maybe next year or after a year of Preschool when he settles down a bit.

Love you Jace! No matter how big or how bad you are, you will always be my baby boy and I will always love you!

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